What's So Special?

An Open Platform for Trusted Data Storage or Record Keeping

This can help anyone establishing the trust on the digital data among multiple non-trusted parties (Eg. between A Company in Tunisia & Govt. of Australia).

RecordsKeeper is a Blockchain-based Open & Transparent (private or public) Record Keeping Solution which can be used to ensure:

  • Data Security & Integrity,
  • Data Audit-ability,
  • Data Verifiability,
  • Sharing Data

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Cross Border Trusted Data Sharing

Ever thought about sharing an agreement in an immutable way so that no one (not even involved parties) should be able to modify it. No matter what. Immutability gives you freedom to focus on your business and investing less in establishing the trust.

Just like Bitcoin Network, which lets people share the asset/value across the border without knowing the receiving party, this ReCoin Blockchain Platform will let people do the same thing but in place of Bitcoin sharing it will be data sharing.

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Achieve Immutability at Lesser Cost

Immutability is a very expensive thing to achieve. It may cost you millions of dollars but it will still give you a very less confidence due to fast-evolving computer technology space.

You need it for KBs, GBs or TBs of data, it will all cost the same (Millions of Dollars). RecordsKeeper Blockchain enables you to get Immutable storage on pay-as-you-go model. Giving you freedom to focus on your use cases and not on the investment.

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