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Individuals can store & share their documents in Digitally Encrypted Format in Private-Blockchain

Have you ever been worried about not managing & tracking the digital copies of your academics, financial, government or medical records?

We at RecordsKeeper solve this problem by letting you store scanned copy of your documents in Blockchain in Incorruptible & Unchangeable manner. RecordsKeeper is an append-only distributed database where you can privately store the documents. You and only you can access the documents which are stored in the encrypted manner. Even we can not access the documents.

Explore more how can you make the use of RecordsKeeper in solving this document management problem.

Startups Can Maintain Their Records Safely

Record keeping is a mess in a startup. Startups find it very difficult structure & manage their business records like Tax returns, MoM, MoA, PAN Card, agreements, MoUs, etc. During due diligence or audit of the startups, this hurts a lot and make startup look very unprofessional. Govt. tax scrutiny is another big pain for such startups.

We solve this by letting startups store their company’s documents in RecordsKeeper’s private-blockchain. RecordsKeeper’s Blockchain is an incorruptible & unchangeable append only database where you can store the documents immutably & let anyone verify the authenticity of the document directly from Blockchain.

Large Businesses Can Reduce KYC or other Record Keeping Cost Heavily with on-premise Implementation

Currently, businesses do not have a single, unified KYC system applicable to all lines of business for Bank’s example wealth management, asset management, and brokerage due to variations in business requirements and associated regulations.

This fragmented approach results in multiple utilities and siloed infrastructure. Businesses, therefore are under immense pressure to seamlessly maintain these multiple systems and integrate different interfaces, which adds to the costs.

We at RecordsKeeper solve this problem by creating an in-house distributed private-blockchain for storing all KYC & other docs resulting in lesser cost with high security & less human error prone system.




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